Mentoring. Coaching. Strategy.


We work with organizations to build  sustainable mentorship networks, identify opportunities for professional development, and help employees set goals in a balanced way that is meaningful within the context of the organization's culture.  Most of our consulting work is custom-designed, which we create after learning more about the unique organization, situation, and goals. 


Perhaps your organization does not offer a formal mentorship or coaching network, but you are interested in learning more about how to set goals, overcome common obstacles, build confidence, or harness the support of your network.  An individualized coaching program may be right for you. Coaching mentors and mentees through culture change within their industry/workplace.


We develop and facilitate leadership gap training modules and workshops in all industries.  Workshops are good options for small to medium- sized groups.  Topics include: creating a culture of mentorship, overcoming common barriers, setting goals., and more  Many of our workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs of the group.


We have delivered a number of keynote addresses on building confidence, developing leadership skills, and thinking outside the box about your professional trajectory.  We are available to work with you on a topic that is most relevant to the desired audience.