Our Philosophy

We focus on creating sustainable systems using people who understand the culture to lead the change and development. Our approach to any situation is based in research and experience, which informs our work with institutions of higher education and corporate organizations.

We are guided by the following beliefs:


  • Growth can happen at any level and during any period of your career.

    • This means our programs are a great opportunity for staff of all levels— from entry level to executive, from tenured faculty to new hires.

  • Growth is most sustainable when integrated into a culture.

    • Our programs are not a simple moment in time, nor are they a workshop you attend and never think about again. We work with the administration to embed the concepts into existing structures and systems. Sometimes this means working with HR departments on recognition programs, other times this means building out a sustainable mentorship network in a grassroots way.

  • Growth is a personal journey.

    • Goals are not one-size-fits all, and neither is what we offer. We spend a lot of time learning about the individual or organizational needs and customize all of our work to meet state goals.